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The YHPSN has given the Public Services Agencies across the region the ability to share connections. There are a number of site sharing examples across the region, particularly between Health and Local Authorities, but now also engaging with the Police.

Where a site is being shared the individual networks from each organisation are delivered across a single communications link, or bearer. Not needing individual bearers from each organisation same considerable amounts of money, but the line has to be shared, and each party takes a portion of the available throughput (or bandwidth), possibly 50/50; but where there are multiple networks being delivered this can become more complex.

These limits are fixed, and limit what each partner can do, regardless of the usage across the other networks. There is one particular case where a Health Agency and a Local Authority share a building, but on alternate days. With the sharing of the line admittedly saving them over £20,000 over 5 years, each agency can only enjoy half the throughput of the line even though they have 100% of the building for the day.

3 Tier QoS aims to solve this by allowing each network running down the line to ‘burst’ across any spare capacity. In the case of the shared building above, each agency will then get 100% of the throughput when they occupy the building, rather than the half they currently enjoy. Throughput is guaranteed to be at least the agreed split, but where the other parties are not using their full allocation, it is made available to the other agencies. This improves the throughput for all parties, making the whole thing more efficient, and reducing the need for higher throughput and hence more costly connections.

This also has an impact on the govroam bandwidth, as users using a govroam link at another partner site will be able to use all available bandwidth rather than a small proportion. 3 Tier QoS is now being tested in the Leeds City region, and will be deployed in Wakefield in the near future.

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