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With the adoption of a region-wide unified network comes the opportunity to provide some cross organisational regional services, and one of the first was the PSNConnected WiFi. This wifi service was piloted by four of our partners across their various sites, and provided a consistent access method for users authorised to connect. In a similar way to the ’EDURoam’ concept available across university campuses, users were free to move around to other partner sites and know that they could just connect to the PSNConnected secure wifi and work. No more did they need to ask for temporary or time limited passwords, or have to fill in user details in a webpage before connecting; they just rolled up, switched on and worked.  In fact it was such a success that the YHPSN canvassed other regional PSN programmes, and the Common Technology Services team (CTS) in the Government Digital Service, GDS, and it was agreed that there should be a review of roaming, and perhaps agreement on a national standard.
The current providers of the ‘eduroam’ national educational WiFi service, Jisc, was asked to host the workshops and proposals were agreed to duplicate the eduroam model for all government. This was to be called
In the light of this the YHPSN PMB decided to halt development of the PSNConnected service and target its resources on proving the regional elements of the govroam service in order to be early adopters.
The PSNConnected project was therefore deemed a great success for having provided the catalyst for the govroam discussions by providing a working example, but development stopped in June 2016 with the service due to be closed down once all users have migrated to the new govroam service.

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