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With the adoption of a single, unified regional network infrastructure comes the ability to share network connections with other organisations, especially where physical buildings are being shared. Examples include the Integrated Community Health and Social Care teams which need to connect both to the Community Health NHS Trust and the appropriate local authority, but often work from joint buildings, or the Police using Libraries to reduce their need for dedicated Police Stations. 

The YHPSN provides the ability for two or more organisations to share a physical location, and connect to it over a single shared network connection. Using the power of an IP VPN cloud, each organisation can specify the data layers it wishes to use at the site, and these are delivered over the one connection and then broken out for use by each organisation. In this way significant communications costs are saved, and operational efficiencies made by bringing organisations together and letting them work in the best places to deliver the services. We estimate savings of approximately £25,000 for every shared site.

This is now being seen as an enabler for estates rationalisation, with many of our partners looking at where their real estate is located and whether that reflects the needs of the modern organisation. Many local authority and NHS buildings have been inherited from the Victorians, and are old and difficult to maintain and heat. In some instances they no longer reflect where people live and work, and could be closed; replaced with more suitable and shared sites, thus serving the community better, and saving money as well.


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