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After the YHPSN contract award the Partners agreed that they would find it useful if there was a core resource that they could call on to assist them in their transition from their current networks and services to the new PSN framework. They therefore created and funded through subscription the Transition Resources Team (TRT), which had people that had been part of the procurement team and therefore could provide the support and advice the partners required.
Over time, and as the partners successfully transitioned, the TRT has moved away from offering transition advice to looking for opportunities within, and ways of exploiting, the YHPSN capabilities, and hence the TRT has now been renamed the Transformation Resource Team.

Jon Browne, the Programme Director, is responsible for the running of the TRT, and developing the initiatives and ideas that the partners wish to pursue. His background is in network design, and his experience is wide ranging, from network installations to Operations Management. Part of his remit is to act as an evangelist for Regional PSN development and he speaks at many regional and national events.

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Ralph McNally presents at Info Sharing Summit, Leeds, Sept 2015

Dave Coutts, CCIE #1658, is an experienced Cisco networking expert on secondment to the TRT from Virgin Media Business; the current preferred supplier for the YHPSN Connectivity and Services. Dave works closely with Jon to bring into reality the initiatives, such as the PSNConnected WiFi project, and forms an invaluable bridgehead between the partners and VMB.

Paul Hudson, the Head of IT at North East Lincolnshire Council is the current Chair of the PMB, and brings passion and energy to the role. He is a great ambassador for the idea of Place as a Platform, and is keen to develop shared standardised services across the region and beyond.

Ralph McNally, from Leeds City Council, is the current Vice Chair of the Partnership Management Board, but also sits on several national groups tasked with designing suitable Information Assurance and Governance rules to allow the safe sharing of information across the Public Sector. Again, Ralph speaks at regional and national events extolling the virtues of a regional PSN approach, and his advice and guidance is invaluable for the successful delivery of the TRT projects.

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